The War of Aconi

Mini-Campaign Session 12

Poor Robin

  1. Brayden – 1150
  2. Riley – 1100
  3. Heinrich – 1000
  4. Zain – 950
  5. Jared – 950

This session the party travelled through a long and winding dark cave that began at the far end of the cavern we ended up in. After hours of walking they encountered a couple of ‘rust bugs’ who have terrorised a few knights that were a long way from their obvious home of Aconi. The party decimated the bugs quickly, with Jared swiftly running away as he is made of metal, which they love to disintegrate and eat.

The party then continued walking for a few more hours, until they discovered an intersection, with a blockade of boulders up to the left, whilst there was only more unforgiving darkness ahead. What they did to overcome the blockade was Brayden, the smart halfling he is, blasted at them with all his might, leading to less than half of them being destroyed and a large landslide of giant deadly boulders coming down the slope, right for the party.

The party ran, everyone except for the smart halfling ran away, whilst Brayden ran forwards, dodging and weaving around them, coming out the other side with barely any scrapes. Behind him the party had split up. Heinrich and Riley were on one side of the wall of boulders, whilst Zain and Robin were stuck on the other side, and both were cut off from Brayden. To get out of this situation Heinrich blasted the wall with shadows, creating a gap for he and Riley to escape through. Riley then casted thunderwave, creating an unstable gap for Zain to make it through JUST, although Robin did not. She disappeared behind a hail of falling rocks in a large cave-in.

The party remaining then trekked up the rest of the slope, coming up to a ledge that sat above a large and ruined castle, which sat high in a mountain pass, but was now occupied by a small host of Aconian troops, led by a mysterious paladin that the party later learned went by the name of Celestia. A party of soldier were already rushing up to meet the party after the noise of the cave in, these soldiers were led by a captain who, like Celestia, did not wear any insignia of any house, but commanded the soldiers under the houses of Bridgemann, Ravengard, and Solis. The castle was then revealed to be Castle Skyreach, and the party were welcomed into it as guests whilst soldiers searched for Robin.


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