The War of Aconi

Mini-Campaign Session 2

The Mining Mystery


  1. Jared – 2000
  2. Riley – 1650
  3. Brayden – 1400
  4. Heinrich – 1400

The session started with Jared discovering a convoy of caravans with a heavy guard presence, with the contents of the caravans being in crates that glowed from within. Upon further inspection he was stopped by guards and was not able to investigate further. Following this the party moved down to the docks to look for anyone suspicious, as their quest lead was that Morchus the Undying’s thugs operated around there. They found two ships that were considered suspicous enough for Jared and the rest of the party to scout.

The first ship was black with eyes painted onto the foreward parts of the sides of the ship, and the second was unmarked. The party took the liberty of choosing the unmarked ship and went for ‘inspection’ though they didn’t have a permit or any other legal documents, leading to an interesting interaction with the suspicious merchant captain of the ship, who turned them away.

The party then went to the harbourmaster and retrieved the search permit, and also went to the guard marshall and gathered a small cohort of guards to search the boat alongside. The merchant then stepped aside when Jared showed up with a permit, and allowed the ship to be searched. The party then only found legal items and a crate of Prismatic Ore that was given permission to travel by Lord Amroth.

The party then travelled downstream along the Flumine river, after work mining in Prisma falls, and upon arriving, they found a large harbour spanning across the river, with channels and holes allowing water to flow to the waterfall. Jared then went to a large research centre, where he stole some items, and the rest of the party were led down into the mine, before breaking away and running into a side tunnel after hearing roars. At the source of the noises was a large golem covered in glowing Prismatic Ore, being attacked by several guardsman.

1 Quest Lead LOST – Dock henchman got away in the other boat
1 Quest taken plus advancement – The Mining Mystery


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