The War of Aconi

Mini-Campaign Session 3

We lost the boat.


  1. Riley – 2550
  2. Brayden – 2400
  3. Jared – 2400
  4. Heinrich – 2350

The barge was taken back upstream from the mines at Prisma Falls, and docked at Riverrun. This was where they picked up supplies, rested, and set off North up the coast on their foreseeable and fast journey up the coast. Just before the party was leaving, they came across an elderly man that needed travel ‘anywhere’. The man was let onto the ship without questioning and slept with the small squadron of guards the party had under employment.

That night, there was a scraping sound, followed by a muffled grunt, which Jared investigated, to find that a large demon in shredded clothes had killed two guards in their sleep, and a muffled scream awoke the rest of the sleeping soldiers. The fight proceeding this had the whole party locked in battle, with the demon scarring Alton, who had gouges in his shoulder and face. The beast was then defeated by Riley’s Character, who caved its skull in with a maul.

The party and the two remaining guards then beached the boat, as they did not have enough men to staff a full crew. They took all of the rations they could carry and moved towards the road, which luckily followed the coast. A few hours’ travel later the sun was starting to set, and they saw a bonfire in the distance, which they moved towards through tall grass. In the grass there was a dying goblin, jaw ripped off and missing a leg, who bled out whilst the party looked on. Upon reaching the bonfire, they found a murder scene. A clan of goblins, presumably lead by the charred troll, had been tossed about, missing limbs, charred, and very, very, dead. They then found four sets of footprints, and a scrap of red cloth, leading the players (not the characters, that would be metathinking), to believe that this was the scene of a victory by their last party.

No quests were advanced or lost this session.
2 Quests – Bring Prismatic Ore to Lord Bjorn – Kill Morchus the Undying for Merchant Gibbet


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