The War of Aconi

Mini-Campaign Session 4

Dark Omens


  1. Heinrich – 3750
  2. Drew – 3670
  3. Brayden – 3600
  4. Jared – 3550
  5. Content Not Found: riley – 3550

The session began with the party encountering a couple of thieves working for the Raven Covenant, these thieves were beating a man who apparently owed his life to Morchus the Undying. After Jared slaughtered the first two men, the final one ran away, before Gortan entangled him and Alton knocked him out, which lead to them discovering this man was in fact a drow. They then went to get a few guards and split up looking for a way to follow the lead which Jared and Content Not Found: darugun uncovered through letters on the unconcious Drow’s body.

Content Not Found: riley_, Alton, and Gortan all travelled to a tavern, of course owned by Edna, who welcomed them with open arms and showed them an entrance to the catacombs. They then waited upon Jared and _Content Not Found: darugun, who met them there a few hours later, their efforts to find a thief to use as an insider fruitless.

The party then moved through a corridor into a small chamber with doors on either end, with an obvious campsite for one scattered around the place, withe everything left hurriedly. In the backpack of whoever owned the camp, there was a backpack with a hidden compartment, which had a journal in it along with a map of a large section of the catacombs. The journal listed Reeve(the owner of the camp)’s journey through the catacombs and how he thought he was driven mad in his travels. They then discovered a bizarre lack of magic or life in this place, and upon hearing strange distant noises, an invisible Alton went to invesetigate.

Alton came across a large corridor running through the catacombs, probable parallel to some corresponding street above. In his corridor there were two people, a slight, cloaked, drow rogue moving at the back, and a large burly orcish thug at the front. In between the two men there were a procession of ten mindless people, eyes milky white, missing a pupil or iris, and all mimicking the same shuffle. Surprisingly, these men and women were unchained, though it seemed they had no intention of disobeying orders. the eleventh member of the procession was a person travelling just in front of the orc, with the orc holding the mans chains as he struggled.


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