The War of Aconi

Mini-Campaign Session 5

The Massacre


Alton – 5000
Gortan – 5000
Everyone Else – Default 2000

This session began with the rest of the player party gathering at the main central corridor, whilst Alton shadowed the group of slavers/human traffickers, who then heard a thud and saw the cloaked drow sprinting away as the group went out of sight. Following this the party split up after hearing inhumane and unnatural shrieking, as well as sounds of struggle and cries of pain and death. Heinrich’s character and Riley’s character headed deep into uncharted catacombs (DUMB IDEA), getting themselves locked and boxed in whilst the shrieking got closer and closer, until dozens of Ghouls flooded into the room, pale husks of humanity clinging to walls and roofs in their plight to get to those with souls, shrieking all the way. proving far too much to fight. Riley’s Character was the first to fall, not before killing a large number of them, whilst Heinrich’s character froze up in the face of his impending doom, and only fired off one firebolt before having his insides turned out by these soulless ghouls.

Alton, Gortan and Jared’s Character both pushed onwards after splitting up, continuing down the main corridor, with several screams and shrieks echoing around them, until one of Gortan’s lights lit up one of the Soulless, which moved seemingly impossibly fast away from them moments later. This group then heard the echoing shouts and struggles of the remainder of the party, and the eventual screams in agony of Heinrich’s Character.The group then heard a grunt and someone fall over, as well as a struggle and moved towards the sound. It was there that they found the crumpled body of one of the Soulless, almost cleaved in half by a battleaxe lying a few feet away. The owner of the battleaxe was sprawled on the ground, with several scratches tearing his face into ribbons, him being almost unrecognisable as the Half-Orc that they had previously seen. In the next corridor was the crumpled form of the Drow, who had almost been removed of his intestines, although he was somehow still breathing. The drow also had a strange circlet, which Jared put on his head, and seemed to have some kind of mind control, with a probable connection to Morchus (YOU STILL HAVE THIS, USE IT).

Over the next few minutes the trio moved through the catacombs, coming across increasingly gruesome sights as the slaves/prisoners had been massacred. It was then that Jared was dragged away and they stumbled across one of the prisoners hanging from the roof. Little did they know this was a bait, and dozens of the soulless flodded out of the side doors of this main corridor, and sprinted after them. The remaining pair sprinted away, with Drew eviscerating one that was ahead of them, then beheading him. The pair then finally found a side door with a lit torch, and slammed the heavyset wooden door behind them, as they ran into the next room, which was some kind of barracks. Four soldiers then came down a spiral staircase, dressed in motley armour, who distrusted the remaining party members, although they helped them barricade the door and prepare to defend. After a few moments the door was obliterated, and the horde swarmed through. It only took moments for the defenders to be overwhelmed, with the final duo only just making it through a door and up the staircase that the guards had come from.

The final duo consisting of Alton and Gortan then walked for hours through a new corridor, which was well lit and clean, with strange ruts in the ceiling and floor. After a while they discovered that the wall at the end of the corridor was in fact a magical/mechanical contraption that was transporting a battalion of well-equipped soldiers to deal with the fact that the original guards weren’t responding. The duo then discovered Morchus sacrificing a few of the successful soulless, and then eventually found their way out of his base unnoticed, as they did not have the manpower to stop him now. It was then that they put together the new party, a collection of men willing to work for money, and a bounty hunter.


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