The War of Aconi

Mini-Campaign Session 6+7

Capture and Interrogation


  1. Alton – 4570
  2. The Shade – 4250
  3. Gortan – 3780
  4. Nick – 3500

The previous session ended with the final two surviving party members putting together a new party inside a tavern, which consists of a bounty hunter named The Shade, A powerful sorcerer named Nick. These new personas seemed to handle themselves well, and were walking with the survivors through the city when a group of guards came out of the burned-out shell of a building that was the back, hidden exit of Morchus’ base, although these guards were obviously not belonging to any certain house, and were of a higher calibre than most city guards. This platoon of soldiers then spread out, splitting into groups of three down the alleyways of the slums.

The party’s reaction to this was to stalk one group of them, ambushing them in the darkness of an alley deep in the heart of the city. To do this, Alton killed one with his sickle, whilst The Shade leaped down from high up a wall with the spiderclimb spell, slicing one guard completely in half with a blade of pure shadow. Whilst these two kills occurred, Gortan became a spider, climbing up the third guards chest, where he reformed into his usual self, knocking the guard out, allowing the rest of the party members to carry him away.

The party took this unconscious guard into a tavern, run by the same old old lady, where they interrogated him. First The Shade intimidated him, to no avail, then Alton asked him nicely, which seemed to scare the poor man more than the first act. It was then that Gortan summoned a small ball of flame, getting the information out of him before pressing the flame into the side of his head, scarring him. The party then just left the man there cruelly to die.

The party then went to The Shade’s safehouse deep within the slums, where Alton found a device called an infuser, which infuses different materials and spells together to make magical items. Alton then met a mysterious man living across the street, who had relics of a lost era, and a past age within his manor. This man agreed to train Alton after demolishing him in a training battle, which is when Alton, now humbled, had to learn how to use the infuser.


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