The War of Aconi

Mini-Campaign Session 8

We Don't Talk About Fight Club


  1. Heinrich – 4300
  2. Riley – 4200
  3. Brayden – 3200
    Everyone Else – Default 2000

This session/s the player party went looking for fight club or gladitorial arena that they could test their skills fighting in, and luckily their new party member, The Shade remembered a place he used to frequent, and now the party went there, near the outskirts of the city. On the interior there was a drug coven, which was used for a facade, hiding the illegal activities that occur below in a re-purposed area of the catacombs. Inside was a rectangular arena recessed into the floor with a bonfire on a pillar in the centre of it.

The first battle occured with only Alton, and he participated in a brawl with dozens of what they later discovered to be soulless, being manipulated to fight savagely against each other.

In the next battle the rest of the party joined Alton in the arena, and faced off with a towering, tortured dragon which was scarred up and had had it’s wings cut off in captivity. It was a gruesome fight which was only won by the endurance and skill of the party, who put the poor dragon out of its misery.

The third fight was a three-way battle between the party, a Drow Sorcerer, and a Half-Dragon Warrior. The fight was long and drawn-out, with the Half-Dragon being vanquished quickly although he saw the good in the party through the mercy they attempted to afford him, this lead to him stabbing the other champion after he had been extremely weakened, just before collapsing into the ashes.

The party then collected their winnings and investigated a room they had seen earlier that had screaming coming from it. Inside they found one of presumably many factories that convert the regular men and women into the soulless. The room had a connection with the catacombs, and a large escort of soldiers came and collected the soulless stored there. They then played around with the infuser for a few minutes, as they had received a large amount of alchemical ingredients from the spokesperson at the arena.

The party’s next decision was to strike north, as to the North-East beyond the Nomadic Army was a bounty target or possible ally in the form of an age-old lycanthrope named Diego. As they struck north they came across a village and convinced the townspeople there to evacuate, giving them a form of forward base to perhaps use in the future as it has basic defences. Further north there was a village that had been razed and massacred, with Nomadic soldiers moving away from the village in a small column. The party quickly and efficiently dealt with these men as they were all just the grunts of the Nomadic Army, and Ezreal, The Night Prince had much, much bigger plans for Aconi in the future.

Lead – Diego, possible ally/enemy – Faerie Forest
Lead – The Half-Dragon warrior, he was greatly wounded but may be an ally in the future… – Kingstown Underground


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