Alton- Summary
Born into a small village, Alton and his sister lived a happy and carefree life, eating 6 meals a day and laughing all day long. However his Village was attack by a great evil, a faceless humanoid, 12 or 18 feet tall, destroyed everything and killed almost everyone. Left to die, a blind women found the two halflings in the ruins of there city.

Living a strict life, Alton found little joy at first, but his sister always helped Alton keep up with training, so he wouldn’t fall behind in his training and receive too many beatings. After a long day of training Alton and May would sneak off and steal Master Un’Longs wine and fill the bottles up with water.

After 2 years later May learned to harness the natural energy of the world, and was taken to train by Master Tsamira, deep in the heart of Pi’Aln. Alton became frustrated with his abilities, he couldn’t fight, he couldn’t use Ki. In frustration he let out a scream of anger and his body went limp, surrounded by rubble. He woke in a strange place, his sister mending his wounds and a familiar face looking over him, deciding what to do with him.

Alton trained for 4 years in a monastery far away, untouched by the wider world. In their 3rd year of training his sister left for the Path and after Alton learned to control his incredible destructive ability”, he was set on his own Path


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