Ambassador Craviel the Crow

Craviel of House Ravengard is an elderly, crow-like man who handles the king's diplomatic and shadier needs, and is also the king's closest confident.


Craviel of House Ravengard is a short, lean man that is positively ancient, as he has lived through the reign of King Leo and his father, King Leonidas, and even knew his father before him. Craviel serves King Leo faithfully, and is looked upon with good faith by the king, who trusts him. The other lords however, distrust him and his house, as Leo’s father did when he reigned. There are also rumours that Craviel is one of the few members of House Ravengard that can transform into his house’s namesake.


Craviel’s history with the party is short, though he has taken interest in them, bailing them out of prison and sending agents to help them out multiple times, although he did suggest to the king that the appropriate punishment to the party was life imprisonment.

Ambassador Craviel the Crow

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