King of the celestials


DM summary-Enelron,
-he has many descendants, both celestial, mortal and more though many don’t know about this due to his millennium long life. Some are even guardians that follow his way.
-he’s lightning is a ghostly white (to represent his celestial side, but his disregard for it when he feels the need)
-he has killed/weakened other celestials to keep balance between the celestials and demonic, as this is his way. This is balance
-He also cares deeply for the bigger picture, individuals aren’t important.
-he is extremely powerful and wise,
-he keeps his word, as he is king of the celestials and he’s word should be absolute.
-though many other celestials don’t like his way there are those that understand it, but all fear the power and authority he has.
-he is mostly in a neutral state but his anger can explode,



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