King Leo Solis

The spiteful and moronic young king of Aconi.


King Leo is the son of the late King Leonidas, and is widely regarded with disdain by the common people, though the nobles still at least pretend to adore him in fear of execution or exile. King Leo also has a very short temper, often getting angry at the smallest things, which unfortunately usually ends up with at least one servant dead. He also has only four men, which are Legatus Augustus the Lion, High Magi Archiel the Hawk, Archduke Jason the Bull, and Ambassador Craviel the Crow.

King Leo is a tall, lanky teenager aged 17 years old, with long locks and a chiselled jaw that many teen ladies fawn over, dreaming of becoming a queen and marrying the fair king. He is also from House Solis.


King Leo Solis

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