Lord Bjorn

Lord Bjorn is the ruler of House Copperson, and is a bear of a man, heralding the defence of the known realm from threats south with an undying confidence and unwavering strength.


Lord Bjorn is the leader of House Copperson, and is bitter towards the rest of the noble houses as he thinks hi house should receive more credit for the hardships they face, and the help they don’t receive. The only man who ever marched to the aid of House Copperson was King Leonidas, and now that he is dead Lord Bjorn is even more distrustful of his northern neighbours, which are the population of House Ravengard, and he sets up patrols and palisades at all of the main entrances to his land.

Lord Bjorn is a veteran of one major campaign, which was his fight against the barbarians of the south, who fight alongside trolls, giants and some other tall, fierce humanoids. This was the campaign he fought alongside King Leonidas and Legatus Augustus. Lord Bjorn also has fought against two small hosts of strange hybrid-men hailing from the mysterious lands to the west.


Lord Bjorn

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