Lord Rayner

Lord Rayner is the leader of House Canis, and commands the rebel forces.


Lord Rayner is a traditional man, a veteran of hundreds of battles fighting for the kingdom, and dozens more against the bandits and sinister forces that populate the Wolfswood. He believes the ancient legend that before the lions ruled over the kingdom, the wolves reigned supreme, and House Canis ruled out of a great forest city, before the members of House Solis arrived on the shores of the Sea of Swords and overruled them, taking the throne for themselves. It is because of this and the unjust passing of what he knew of as a fair king and a kind man, King Leonidas, Lord Rayner has decided to rise up, gathering sympathisers and his soldiers to him in droves, as well as anyone unhappy with the current king, King Leo. It is with this army that he plans to re-take the throne for himself, and make House Canis rule supreme again.


Lord Rayner played quite a large role in the Party’s beginnings, as he gave them their first quest, was the main enemy in their second battle, and also exiled them from his capital town, Strake. This sparked almost everything to date, and opened up a world of possibilities.

Lord Rayner

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