Morchus the Undying

The ominous leader of a Crime Ring in Kingstown


An immensely fat tiefling who leads a crime ring in Kingstown, and whose wrath is reportedly of a furious strength, though he apparently hasn’t gotten mad in an age, he also always has a giant six-barrelled hand-cannon on him at all time, which he calls Lockjaw. Morchus rarely actively moves around doing business, and no one can remember him ever doing so. There are rumours, rumours that Morchus has found a secret to immortality, and that he does the terrible deeds he does so that he can become a demon lord himself. In recent years however, Morchus’ face has taken a shrivelled, dishevelled look, and one of his eyes has taken on a pale white sheen, sending him blind in that eye.


Morchus the Undying

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