Fist of the Silver Flame

Gauntlet, rare - religious


This gauntlet is given to a person of extreme faith to the Silver Flame, especially after a great deed of good has been done, and is a thing of legend, to be doled out when the world is in its greatest time of need. It is a gauntlet of entire silver, with gold trimmings and a lifelike flame on the back of the hand. It is unbreakable by any normal means, and allows the wearer to speak celestial. The bearer of the gauntlet also feels confident whilst wearing it. With this gauntlet unarmed strikes do 1d6bludgeoning, with an additional 1d8radiant. The user is also instantly held in high regard by any celestial beings, and followers of the Silver Flame will offer their services as much as they can, naming him ‘The Hand’.


Fist of the Silver Flame

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