Wand/Sword of Burning

A transforming magical weapon


This appears as a regular wand, that is made of black iron, and is about a foot long and slightly warm to the touch. It is inscribed with runes going up its length, which have a faint inner glow when the wand is looked at in darkness. The wand itself also has a gold cap at the end of the handle, which is carved to look like the head of a dragon, roaring out the bottom of the wand. Once the wand has been attuned to it forges a mental link to the wielder, allowing the wielder to transform it into a rapier at will. The rapier is similar to the wand, as it has a dragon’s head as the pommel, and the cross-guard is a dragon’s spread wings, while the handle is smooth red leather. All of the dragon parts are made of pure gold. Up the blade of black iron there are the same runes that were inscribed on the wand. Changing the weapon’s form takes a bonus action, to give time for the change. The wand can shoot a jet of flame out of its tip, this can only be done twice a day, and can shoot a bolt of fire as a standard attack. The rapier deals 1d8piercing with an additional 2d4fire damage added to it. Both forms have +1 bonus to hit.

Firebolt. This shoots a small bolt of fire out the end of the wand, which does not have a cost, and deals 1d10 damage on a hit.

Jet of flame. This attack sends out a jet of flame 20ft from the tip of the wand. Dealing 2d10 flame damage on a hit. It can also be maintained for two turns until it retracts back into the wand, and can be directed into complicated paths by the wielder. When directed at the enemy they must make a DEX save. This attack can only be used twice a day.


Wand/Sword of Burning

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