The War of Aconi

Mini-Campaign Session 2
The Mining Mystery


  1. Jared – 2000
  2. Riley – 1650
  3. Brayden – 1400
  4. Heinrich – 1400

The session started with Jared discovering a convoy of caravans with a heavy guard presence, with the contents of the caravans being in crates that glowed from within. Upon further inspection he was stopped by guards and was not able to investigate further. Following this the party moved down to the docks to look for anyone suspicious, as their quest lead was that Morchus the Undying’s thugs operated around there. They found two ships that were considered suspicous enough for Jared and the rest of the party to scout.

The first ship was black with eyes painted onto the foreward parts of the sides of the ship, and the second was unmarked. The party took the liberty of choosing the unmarked ship and went for ‘inspection’ though they didn’t have a permit or any other legal documents, leading to an interesting interaction with the suspicious merchant captain of the ship, who turned them away.

The party then went to the harbourmaster and retrieved the search permit, and also went to the guard marshall and gathered a small cohort of guards to search the boat alongside. The merchant then stepped aside when Jared showed up with a permit, and allowed the ship to be searched. The party then only found legal items and a crate of Prismatic Ore that was given permission to travel by Lord Amroth.

The party then travelled downstream along the Flumine river, after work mining in Prisma falls, and upon arriving, they found a large harbour spanning across the river, with channels and holes allowing water to flow to the waterfall. Jared then went to a large research centre, where he stole some items, and the rest of the party were led down into the mine, before breaking away and running into a side tunnel after hearing roars. At the source of the noises was a large golem covered in glowing Prismatic Ore, being attacked by several guardsman.

1 Quest Lead LOST – Dock henchman got away in the other boat
1 Quest taken plus advancement – The Mining Mystery

Mini-Campaign Session 1
A New Beginning


  1. Riley – 2,000
  2. Jared – 1,250
  3. Brayden – 1,000
  4. Heinrich – 750

Today our newfound party found themselves thrown together whilst on a boat travelling to the city of Riverrun, which is located Southwest of Kingstown, and is one of the cities at the very southern edge of the kingdom. Whilst they were on the boat however, a group of scaly, carnivorous humanoids climbed aboard the ship, armed with misshapen tridents and spears. The party quickly overran these monsters, until a larger one climbed aboard, which was presumably the leader, and stabbed Alton downwards through his stomach and scarring his face with his claws, sending him out of the action for the next few days. After this, the monster was quickly vanquished and disposed of, to the joy of the crew.

After the few day travel to Riverrun, the party were stunned by its beauty, as it had high marble towers, and even the winding streets were made of marble, and was split through the centre by the wide running Flumine River. The party then met Darugen, the mildly snake looking person, and went to see the lord, whose name was Lord Amroth. Upon finding the palace, they found that there was an extensive line running around the building of the population that wanted to see the lord for help or business services, ‘Jared’ of course walked straight past them and the guards, as he had the crest of House Copperson on his shoulder, as that was where he grew up, and he was there to speak with the lord and return with more diplomatic favour with his house and also with as much Prismatic Ore as he could commission. Following this, ‘Jared’ was given a room overlooking the river and the two halves of the city, providing a beautiful view. The rest of the party however came across Gibbet, a merchant who had a problem, as he owed money to someone, and gave them directions to his shop, before running off.

Riley’, Alton and Darugun went to finding a tavern, where they met A little old lady who gave them a room and drinks, which sent Darugun into a strange illusion-like dream where the tavern was old and broken and literally floating in nothing, with a skeleton serving drinks to no one in a deserted room. In the tavern there was also a help wanted sign, which was for work at the Prisma Falls, further down the river. The following morning the whole party went down to find Gibbet’s shop, which was in the smaller, lower-class district and was completely stripped bare, without furniture, wares, window panes, signs or anything. In the second room there was a bloody chair, surrounded by blood-soaked ropes, as the only furniture, and upstairs they found a scarred Gibbet, who was awoken with a start, and told the party that he was in fact on the run from Morchus the Undying, the leader of a crime ring in Kingstown, who was an immensley fat tiefling.

1 Quest opportunity (Prisma Falls Work)

1 Quest (Gibbet’s issues) 1 Lead (Docks)

Session 0 (starting on the Obsidianportal)
Everything leading up to Session 1

Our ragtag party, consisting of Gimble, Arkatuun, Angie, Bob and Garrett started out in the Small town of Strake, where they proceeded to kill a bandit leader with the help of Steve the town watchman, and then get into a large fight with the King’s officials and the local Baron, Lord Rayner, who exiled them. Following this they blew up a house, killed an old alchemist, and stole from the Baron, before fleeing in terror into the forest. They later learnt of a place called the Wolf Den, which they deduced was where Lord Rayner’s army was located.

Eventually the party made their way to The Crossroads, where they decided to lie low for a while with Arkatuun joining The Azure Council, and other shenanigans going on, including a few members of the party winning an arena fight.

In between sessions, Gimble andArkatuun made their way North-East to Aestas, and met Lady Cirsteen, the local power and the leader of House Skelter. It was there that they stole a flaming sword that only allowed itself to be used for good, and consumed one of the local merchants with hate, until it killed him, consuming him with fire. On the return trip of this the pair, aided by a few mercenaries, fought a group of dwarven pirates manning a large floating ship. Firebolts thrown by Gimble consumed the ship, destroying it asides from a cannon. All of the mercenaries that accompanied the pair perished in the battle, falling to the hail of cannon-fire. Also on the return trip the group fought a rogue mage, with Gimble using a time-controlling staff he was given beforehand.

A few weeks later, the group aided in the defence of The Crossroads, where Angie learnt of a sinister force behind the invasion. The party eventually fled from the walls and found the den of an alchemist by the name of Benallet, and upon finding him, killing him. It was after this that Bob was unconscious for several sessions. Then the party really showed their intelligence into a conundrum with a balcony and magic door, within whichArkatuun almost died, before both him and Angie were saved by a mysterious draconic force. The defence of the city ultimately failed, with the party fleeing for Kingstown, the capital city of the land, with a cohort of templars from the The Ruby Tower, which was only after they were sent up the tower in search for teleportation stones, upon which they found the body of a mage which had been hung from the roof by a raven-hilted dagger and chain. The stones were seen being stolen by a hooded and cloaked figure which turned into some kind of large black bird and flew away.

Upon the end of the long journey to Kingstown, Arkatuun was driven mad by a mysterious magical crystal, which Garrett stole and began to shadow the party owning. It was at this point too, that the party met the crazy old woman that seemed to own literally every tavern in the city and beyond, and that continuously popped up. After this Arkatuun was extorted into a _ debt to a dwarven smith operating out of the slums of Kingstown And the party was chased down and eventually imprisoned for stealing a horse and cart. After a day in prison, the party were showed through an underground dungeon filled with madmen and dead men by a strange cloaked figure bearing the raven symbol of House Ravengard. Their guide died just at the entrance to the prison to an awoken dead man, which led to the party getting locked into a battle with dead men, all with glowing blue eyes. This battle was almost fatal to the party, though they got out alive. After the mist cleared and the sun rose the party realised they were in a graveyard, with not a single grave still containing a body. This graveyard was set into a beach below the palace.

Then our party followed the beach to the port, where chaos ensued that we shall not keep as canon and skip over. ahem

The next session had Gimble and Angie on a boat, after the head of a murderer across The Sea of Swords, and the following chaos caused by a strange storm sent Angie into a frustrated rage, questioning reality as events were played over slightly differently, until she struck Gimble down and came across a continental entity dwelling in the deeps, at which point she woke up, severely terrified.

Following this the party decided to kill the king, which landed them in the a giant underground prison where they came across the same old woman in the tavern, almost blew themselves up, and landed serving a beholder after killing some cultists. They then were sent to kill a stone giant and his men who went rogue, rebelling against the very beholder that they conspired to kill. Needless to say, they killed the giant, and this leaves them at Session 1.

To be continued…


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