Army Composition and General Warfare Tactics

Aconi Army Composition
An Aconi army usually consists of a majority of foot soldiers, with knights and nobleman riding alongside them. A large army will travel in force with legions marching in formation by day, and making camp by night. Outriders will ride ahead of the main force to scout and raid the lands ahead. In an army the Legatus acts as the modern-day general, having full command of the army, and only answered to the king or leader of the faction.

The Hierarchy of the army of Aconi goes as follows:

Legatus (Leads whole army)

Imperator (Leads one legion, 4500 soldiers)

Centurion (Leads a battalion, 500 soldiers)

Officer (Leads a regiment, 100 soldiers)

Sergeant (leads a squadron, 10-20 soldiers)

Every level of the hierarchy reports to the the level above them, and the Legatus reports to the king himself. This is done to put less pressure on each officer, as they have to handle less soldiers each.

No one from Aconi really know how the inner workings of the ‘Nomadic’ military works, except that it seems unorganised and is lead by a council of warlords and their prince, who in this case is Prince Ezreal.

Army Composition and General Warfare Tactics

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