The Great Houses of Aconi

Aconi’s politics are complex and in-depth, with many noble houses being scattered around the kingdom. Some houses have castles and towns out in the wilderness bordering the kingdom, and some have safer lands towards the capital, and others still prefer to reside in estates within city borders. Here are the most influential and powerful houses within Aconi:

Solis: “Rule Through Might” Colour = crimson

House Solis have sat on the throne of Aconi for generations, and the tales say that any rightful king has the ability to transform himself into their crest, the golden lion. House Solis’ crest is a golden lion within rampant on a crimson field. House Solis is quite expansive, with at least one member in almost every city in the kingdom. The name grants respect in every loyal house in the kingdom as it is instantly known as that of the king’s. House Solis’ seat of power is Kingstown. The leader of House Solis is King Leo, who rules now after his father died in suspicious circumstances. House Solis has always been held in good stead by the lords and smallfolk alike, though now rumours are circulating that King Leo partakes in black magic and killed his father. Many noble houses are now gathering their strength, distrusting the young lion and not knowing what their motives are. House Canis is rumoured to have gathered an army to combat the young king’s forces in a rebellion. House Solis can call upon a large number of bannermen from the lands surrounding Kingstown, which mostly consist of knights and lords in good favour with the king ruling from castles around the countryside.

Ravengard: “Take Wing” (pronounced rav-en-guard) Colour = purple

House Ravengard is an ancient house that has had questionable loyalty and morals throughout its history. In ancient times it was said that they were evil, and performed forbidden blood magic and demon summoning in secret, though this has never been proven. Ravengard’s crest is a white crowned raven on a field of black with a purple slash. Their seat of power is Mt. Tenebris, a small, lone mountain to the south-east of The Crossroads where a small keep sits at the very peak, it is jokingly called the aviary behind it’s residences’ backs because of the house’s words. Members of House Ravengard have resided on the king’s council for generations as masters of spies and sources of wisdom, though notably king Leonidas declined their services. House Ravengard’s members are spread far and wide, with whole guilds of family members emerging in some cities, and there always being at least two family members at the court of every lord in the kingdom, extending their dark reach to every corner of the known world. The leader of Ravengard is an old man who has lived through almost a hundred years, and has seen three kings in his time, his name is Craviel. House Ravengard has a small amount of bannermen that control the lands surrounding Mt. Tenebris, who mostly consist of family members that rule over small towns and castles.

h3. Undermoor: “In Darkness We Rise” colour = black

House Undermoor has often seen as the underdogs of the court, as they have never had much military might or significant impact upon the kingdom, though this did not trouble them as they have been happy to serve the king throughout history, though only because he has been the strongest option available. House Undermoor’s words have unsettled many lords as it has an ominous tone, and has been true as of yet, with the house’s members gaining power only when others were suffering. It is a small house compared to the great houses like Ravengard and Solis, and its members mostly keep within their lands, with a few residing within the capital. The leader of House Undermoor is Lord Jesper, Duke of the Underhall, which is their seat of power, and an ancient hall said to have belonged to the dwarves in ages past. House Undermoor has a small amount of bannermen, who reside in their own villages in the lands surrounding The Underhall, who mostly consist of distant family members and knights put into good favour with the duke. Lord Jesper’s brother is named Jason the Bull, and resides in Kingstown as one of the king’s most trusted advisors.

Skelter: “Wars Are Won with Words” colour = dark green

House Skelter is a fairly new house, with small lands and a small castle to call their home, though they have already proved to be shrewd diplomats, proving their words true. The leader of House Skelter is Lady Cirsteen, Baroness of Aestas, a small land that is mostly plains in the north-east of the capital. House Skelter’s seat of power is a small castle in the centre of Aestas, which is yet to be named. It is made of a shining white stone, and is surrounded by lush farmlands. The commoners love Lady Cirsteen for her low taxes and lenient, but just, rule. Lady Cirsteen is quite young, with pale skin and flowing black hair. She has two brothers who often ride out to perform her duties as vassals.

Copperson: “Fierce as a Bear” Colour = orange

House Copperson is an old and noble house, tied to its traditions and loyal to a fault. It controls much of the area too far to the south-west for any others to go, and the edge of its borders is lined with holdfasts that are in constant combat with the wild men of the snowy southern areas. The leader of the faction is Lord Bjorn, Earl of Glaciem, an ancient fortress built in the centre of a lake that never freezes, but will freeze any man unfortunate enough to find himself in its waters. Lord Bjorn is a bear of a man, with silver-grey hair and a mighty beard, he wields his axe into battle with a ferocity rare among soldiers. Upon his lands also sit any copper mines, which he has found a way to make weapons rivalling those made with iron. House Copperson has quite a few bannermen that rule the borders of the known realm. These mostly consist of old houses of noblemen. 

Redwatch: “Hold The Line” Colour = red

House Redwatch has been a stout defender of the Red Plain for as long as the history tomes date back. They rule the red plain from their sprawling Crimson Keep, House Redwatch is a warlike house, as its sole purpose is to watch over the red plain and defend the Kingdom from the cannibal tribes that reside there. The leader of House Redwatch is Lord Brandon, Duke of The Red Plain. Lord Brandon is a tall, wiry and young man with fiery red hair braided back out of his eyes. He is deadly in battle, when he dons his plate armour and poleaxe. Though House Redwatch lords over the largest land of any house, it can only call upon two bannermen that rule the northern and southern castles of House Redwatch’s land.

Draconis: “Hear our Thunder” Colour = Sapphire Blue

House Draconis is only a few generations old, though it already has gained in power immensely, being known for its brilliant steel work and valiant knights, who are spread around the kingdom, garrisoned in almost every city and major castle in the kingdom. House Draconis has also gained quite a large piece of land as well, as their lands control almost all of the length of the Flumine River, from The Sea of Swords to Prisma Falls, with many towns and castles running along the Flumine River is a great centre of economy for House Draconis, providing trade and fish, and also a mysterious material mined from the Prisma Falls. The leader of House Draconis is Lord Amroth, Duke of Riverrun. Riverrun is a small city that is split in half by the Flumine River, with two large bridges connecting the two halves. Lord Amroth is young and some call him the jewel of Riverrun, as he looks quite the stereotypical knight, with flowing brown hair and a handsome face. He is also fearsome in battle, riding alongside his silver knights. Lord Amroth has not born any sons as of yet, and has no brothers or sisters to name. House Draconis can call upon many bannermen that rule the castles and villages that line the Flumine river.
House Draconis has recently been converted from House Bridgemann, and commands a thunder of wyverns.

h3. Redfire: “Live, Drink, Fight – For Glory!” Colour = brown

House Redfire is a small house, which have been lords of The Crossroads since it was built centuries ago. The lands held by House Redfire are quite small, holding only the land surrounding The Crossroads and a few towns south of the city. The leader of House Redfire is Lord Petyr, Baron of The Crossroads. Lord Petyr as a short, fat man who has grown used to letting his advisors rule, whilst he drinks and eats. Following the sacking of The Crossroads Lord Petyr was taken prisoner by The Night Prince.

Sanctus: “Honour and Duty”

House Sanctus is a small and proud house, as old as The Ruby Tower, as they originated as the first Templars charged with protecting of the magically gifted. House Sanctus have only an extremely small set of lands; just a small keep and surrounding land just outside of The Crossroads. The leader of House Sanctus is Sir Alain the Noble. Sir Alain insists on being called sir over lord as he is a proud believer of honour and warfare over ruling a house, and holds regular house etiquettes in disdain. Following The sacking of The Crossroads Sir Alain rode with the remainder of his men to Kingstown

Canis “For the People” Colour = dark blue

House Canis is a house as old as House Solis, and have never owned much land, especially in recent times because of restless bandits and a suspicious king. The leader of House Canis is Lord Rayner, Baron of Strake. Since House Canis’ downfall its’ only town is Strake, though it still commands loyalty around the kingdom and has gathered quite a large host to march against the king’s forces. Lord Rayner is a tall man with short iron-grey hair who is filled with spite for the new king.

h3. Eques “Swift as the Wind” (pronounced ek-you-us) Colour = yellow

House Eques is an old house that has controlled the plains to the south-east of The Crossroads for centuries, and is known for its excellent horses. The head of House Eques is Lord Conrad, Duke of Harvenholm, which is a small walled town. Lord Conrad is a man of average height and a long face, with long hair that falls down his back. Harvenholm is a large wooden fort with a small village skirting it. Eques’ vassals extend over the entire plain that is under the house’s control, though no further and almost never appear in courts, preferring to ride the plains over arguing over expenses and rivalries.

The Great Houses of Aconi

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