The Raven Covenant

The Raven Covenant is a guild of thieves and brigands that rule the slums of Kingstown, terrorising the townsfolk and the nobles alike, operating from their headquarters which is connected to the slaver and smugglers den deep in the city. It is a large underground sewer extension, withe a labyrinthine warren of caves and tunnels that connected safe-houses around the city, with connections outside the city as well. The entire guild is ruled by a man known as the shadow lord, who is rumoured to be a Drow, as he employs dark elves into his service, and never shows his face from his dark hood. The Raven Covenant employs various thugs into their service, who put on a show on the streets of the city, making commoners fear the guild, whilst assassins, thieves, and spies work in the shadows. The thugs and brigands form themselves into large gangs, with the leader being the strongest one amongst them. These gangs fight amongst each other in the streets, making the slums a dangerous place to venture into.

2-3 Street brigand 5 brigands, access to the under-streets, slums safehouse, peasant connections.

4-6 Street lord 25 extra brigands, middle-class safehouse along with 30servant-staff, middle-class connections, ability to call in a favour.

7-9 Servant of shadow 5 drow guards, noble district safehouse along with 30servant-staff and land ownership, noble connections, 150GP.

10 Shadow duke 10 drow guards, household guard, connections with Kingstown nobles, audience with the Shadow Lord, ability to call in a large favour.

The Raven Covenant

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