The War of Aconi

Mini-Campaign Session 1

A New Beginning


  1. Riley – 2,000
  2. Jared – 1,250
  3. Brayden – 1,000
  4. Heinrich – 750

Today our newfound party found themselves thrown together whilst on a boat travelling to the city of Riverrun, which is located Southwest of Kingstown, and is one of the cities at the very southern edge of the kingdom. Whilst they were on the boat however, a group of scaly, carnivorous humanoids climbed aboard the ship, armed with misshapen tridents and spears. The party quickly overran these monsters, until a larger one climbed aboard, which was presumably the leader, and stabbed Alton downwards through his stomach and scarring his face with his claws, sending him out of the action for the next few days. After this, the monster was quickly vanquished and disposed of, to the joy of the crew.

After the few day travel to Riverrun, the party were stunned by its beauty, as it had high marble towers, and even the winding streets were made of marble, and was split through the centre by the wide running Flumine River. The party then met Darugen, the mildly snake looking person, and went to see the lord, whose name was Lord Amroth. Upon finding the palace, they found that there was an extensive line running around the building of the population that wanted to see the lord for help or business services, ‘Jared’ of course walked straight past them and the guards, as he had the crest of House Copperson on his shoulder, as that was where he grew up, and he was there to speak with the lord and return with more diplomatic favour with his house and also with as much Prismatic Ore as he could commission. Following this, ‘Jared’ was given a room overlooking the river and the two halves of the city, providing a beautiful view. The rest of the party however came across Gibbet, a merchant who had a problem, as he owed money to someone, and gave them directions to his shop, before running off.

Riley’, Alton and Darugun went to finding a tavern, where they met A little old lady who gave them a room and drinks, which sent Darugun into a strange illusion-like dream where the tavern was old and broken and literally floating in nothing, with a skeleton serving drinks to no one in a deserted room. In the tavern there was also a help wanted sign, which was for work at the Prisma Falls, further down the river. The following morning the whole party went down to find Gibbet’s shop, which was in the smaller, lower-class district and was completely stripped bare, without furniture, wares, window panes, signs or anything. In the second room there was a bloody chair, surrounded by blood-soaked ropes, as the only furniture, and upstairs they found a scarred Gibbet, who was awoken with a start, and told the party that he was in fact on the run from Morchus the Undying, the leader of a crime ring in Kingstown, who was an immensley fat tiefling.

1 Quest opportunity (Prisma Falls Work)

1 Quest (Gibbet’s issues) 1 Lead (Docks)


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