The War of Aconi

Mini-Campaign Session 13

Ambush and Capture - The Heroes Imprisoned!


  1. Riley: 3900
  2. Brayden: 3650
  3. Jared: 3200
  4. Heinrich: 3000

The party began by being escorted down the cliff-side into Castle Skyreach, where they were given temporary quarters inside a tent and watched over by guards, as the soldiers of the castle didn’t trust the party members yet. After a while of waiting, the commander of the castle entered the tent, addressing the party and making the agreement that they would travel South with a large expeditionary force, who were marching to a long-forgotten castle set high in the mountains. The party was given a day to rest and recover from their encounters with Yetis and the like, and left at dawn the day after.

The expeditionary force was large, and consisted of one almost one third of the whole force stationed at the castle, putting a lot of weight on the knights and paladins that led the thirty soldiers. The convoy of caravans and marching soldiers set off Southwards, and after walking through the mountains and a forest they emerged on the path next to a cliff-side, with a steep hill ramping p to their left, and a deadly drop to their right, their only options were forwards or back, and so they pressed forwards.

A horn echoed through the mountains ahead, and the convoy ground to a halt, as there were the 12 heads of Celestia’s(the paladin commander of the fort) missing scouts. Then a horn echoed through the mountains behind them, and the commanding knight of the convoy started shouting orders for shield walls to be made at either end of the caravan, to defend against whatever these mountains had to throw at them. What a mistake this was…

An axe taller than the tallest man in the convoy whirled through the air, end over end, perfectly beheading a caravan horse. The party followed the arc of the axe to see an abnormally tall humanoid figure, holding two large axes in his hands, which he raised above his head, shouting “VALHALLA”. This is when more and more figures with horns on their helms, wearing little armour and fur clothing, charging down the hill at the unsuspecting soldiers below, brandishing axes and clubs.

The oncoming force that outnumbered the defenders almost two to one fell upon the convoy, instantly disintegrating what little organisation remained in the presence of the yelling and screaming charge, in a flash a defending and intimidating force turned into a number of chaotic skirmishes, with the majority of Aconians fighting the losing battle. This is when the abnormally tall savage emerged from the chaos, locking into combat with the commanding knight of the convoy. After exchanging a few blows the party stepped in, driving him back and killing him, pushing him off the edge of the cliff-side, but not before he is able to almost cleave the knight’s arm off at the shoulder, sending him to the ground.

The beings that fought amongst the savages were unnatural. There were barbarians that tapped runes in an unfamiliar language to unleash devastating blasts of power in offence and defence, as well as werewolf and werebear monstrosities that tore through any opposition that arose. All of the Lycanthropic creatures that fought alongside the savages shared one thing in common; a brand of a paw-print corresponding to the animal they transformed into on their shoulder.

The party were then bound and escorted further south, alongside less than ten of the original thirty six soldiers that left. These survivors were taken to the end of the mountain road, and across a long bridge spanning a chasm, across from which stood a tall, broken, and proud castle, isolated high on a plateau. The men were then imprisoned in the dungeons of the castle, which had a barless window that opened onto a steep fall downwards, with the stone around it worn away by the weather and the passage of time.

The party must now deal with this unfamiliar and new culture and environment, surviving the weather and the wilderness, and all it contains…


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