The War of Aconi

Mini-Campaign Session 9, 10 + 11

It's Been a While...

Sorry about the irregularity, these sessions have been lumped into one as they were too uneventful for their own session logs. I am also lazy


  1. Brayden – 5550
  2. Heinrich – 5300
  3. Riley – 4950
  4. Jared – 4700
  5. Zain – 4450

Following the massacre of the nomadic soldiers, the party saw the threat of the invasion in its full light for the first time, and reality hit them. Promptly, they ran. This is when the party ran into Zain and Jared, and Brayden was rendered unconcious by a wild mage pyromancer. The party then rushed him back to Kingstown, where Heinrich knew a healer named Felix that could help him. After this blew over then Heinrich returned to the fight club and said the wrong thing to one of the members of the unusually high security, revealing that he had been snooping around in places he wasn’t supposed to be.

This led to Brayden blowing up Heinrich’s safehouse and the party being put on the run from Morchus, joining up with Robin, who fled with them as she was an ally of the party, and therefore an enemy of Morchus.

Robin’s crew sailed South along with the party, following the coast and heading into colder and colder climates. It was then decided that they would beach the small ship and move on foot further south, as there is a large swathe of pirate-controlled ocean further south. They would move towards the location of an interplanal gate that lead to Brayden’s Monastery, but when the party beached the ship and the crew camped on the shore, the party awoke to only Robin and a handful of crew members, as well as a severe lack of a ship or Dragar The Red. This small remainder of the party then moved through the snow towards their destination, and managed to keep a steady pace for the first few days, until one of Robin’s four men died of the cold in the night.

Then, as they were almost at the mountain range which was their destination, they heard an earth-shaking rumbling and an awful shrieking as small mammoth was brought to the ground by a shrieking wyvern, who proceeded to hack at the mammoth’s stomach and eating it alive. It was then that the party stepped in, crippling the wyvern and leaving it exposed, not before it managed to kill two more of Robin’s men. Then, a massive, towering mammoth charged into the field, taking the wyvern up in its tusks, impaling in two places, and slamming the creature down onto a shorter pine tree, impaling the villainous wyvern from tail to snout. The party stood in awe of the power of these natural forces, and began to move away as more mammoths emerged from the trees and began to stand around their fallen kin, with a mother coming over to nudge at the unmoving corpse before being ushered away.

The party now moved with haste towards the mountains as a blizzard was setting in, and blizzards were deadly in these climates and conditions. They moved closer and closer to the mountains, with eerily coordinated shrieking and howling echoing all around them as they pushed for the mountains. They then climbed up several easy trails, going higher and higher towards the summit, until they came across a deadly, precarious path branching off from the easy path, which they passed up on, opting for the easier path. After walking for a while they came across a stone bridge arching over a chasm, but when they were halfway across a yeti appeared out of the snow, holding two winter wolves from the scruffs of their necks, as they were wild with a hunger frenzy, pulling against their owner. The party turned to run and were blocked by another yeti, and instigated a fight with him, bringing him down with a few fell strikes, but then a winter wolf bowled heinrich off of his feet, which was quickly killed by Robin, not before it had savaged Robin’s final crew member. The party then took off running, with a very stubborn Jared standing his ground, fighting against the wolves and almost dying. Jared then knelt down at the end of the bridge and slammed his weapon into it in a last ditch effort to bring it down. He succeeds in this, only with the help of Robin, who used one of her knives to take out a wolf.

The party then regathered and returned to the difficult path, climbing upwards and upwards until they came across a cave entrance. It is from here that a yeti resided, that was swiftly killed by the now-exhausted party. They then pressed onwards, finding a gaping hole in the back of the cave that was barely big enough for Heinrich to fit through, and had roughly 15ft. of open spanning chasm, before a large ledge on the other side. Heinrich and Brayden connected each other by rope and Heinrich threw Brayden across, but to no avail, as Brayden slammed into the far cliff face, and swung back, slamming into the closer cliff face, before being reeled up. It was then that a bridge shimmered into existance, and Riley stepped on it, without knowing it was an illusion cast by Jared, Jared then saved him by casting feather fall on him and Brayden leapt down to catch him.

What then happened was Jared leaped to the other side of the chasm with a rope, and held it, making a bridge for the rest of the party to get across by, before Heinrich leaped across himself. Brayden then followed a narrow passage too small for anyone else and came across a strange cave formation with boulders extruding from the walls and floors in crazy directions, and let a rope down a large crack for the rest of the party. It was here that the party rested, safe against the storm and any other predator threats.

Or were they…


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