• Arkatuun


    A dragonborn that goes for any attack. MIght be a cannibal?
  • Garrett


    Do you guys really need a description?
  • Gortan


    Drew's Druidic Dragonborn
  • Nick


    Fallen Aasimar, Sorcerer
  • The Shade

    The Shade

    a man shrouded in mystery, missary and death.
  • Ambassador Craviel the Crow

    Ambassador Craviel the Crow

    Craviel of House Ravengard is an elderly, crow-like man who handles the king's diplomatic and shadier needs, and is also the king's closest confident.
  • Archduke Jason the Bull

    Archduke Jason the Bull

    Archduke Jason Undermoor is one of the highest ranking lords in the kingdom, and is a military hero and trusted diplomat.
  • Benallet


    Master Alchemist working out of The Crossroads, in Cohort with the rebels.
  • Celestia, Paladin of Agatha

    Celestia, Paladin of Agatha

    A Warden of the South, and Paladin to the Order of Agatha
  • Colt, King of New Coldcairn

    Colt, King of New Coldcairn

    King Conrad lords over New Coldcairn
  • Dragar the Red

    Dragar the Red

    Half-Dragon that is now an ally to the party, owing them his life.
  • Edna (Taven Lady)

    Edna (Taven Lady)

    The owner of seemingly every tavern ever
  • Enelron


    King of the celestials
  • Ezreal, The Night Prince

    Ezreal, The Night Prince

    Ezreal is the impressionable young prince of what seems to be the nomadic desert tribes. and serves as a war-leader to his father.
  • High Magi Archiel the Hawk

    High Magi Archiel the Hawk

    High Magi Archiel is the strongest mage known to the kingdom, and is the High Archmage of the Ruby Tower College in Kingstown
  • King Leo Solis

    King Leo Solis

    The spiteful and moronic young king of Aconi.
  • King Leonidas

    King Leonidas

    The late king of Aconi, and father to the current King Leo
  • Lady Cirsteen

    Lady Cirsteen

    Lady Cirsteen, Baroness of Aestas, is a skilled diplomat and the ruler of House Skelter
  • Legatus Augustus the Lion

    Legatus Augustus the Lion

    Legatus Augustus is the uncle to King Leo and leads his armies.
  • Lord Amroth

    Lord Amroth

    Leader of House Bridgemann, ruler of Riverrun, loved by his people
  • Lord Bjorn

    Lord Bjorn

    Lord Bjorn is the ruler of House Copperson, and is a bear of a man, heralding the defence of the known realm from threats south with an undying confidence and unwavering strength.
  • Lord Brandon

    Lord Brandon

    Lord Brandon is the leader of House Redwatch, and is the stout defender of any threats that come from the eastern plains, though none have come for decades.
  • Lord Conrad

    Lord Conrad

    Ruler of House Eques, Lord of Harvenholme
  • Lord Francis/Hurion

    Lord Francis/Hurion

    Strange Spirit of the Forest taking the face of Lord Francis
  • Lord Jesper

    Lord Jesper

    Lord Jesper, Duke of the Underhall is the house leader of House Undermoor
  • Lord Petyr

    Lord Petyr

    Leader of House Redfyre, ruler of The Crossroads
  • Lord Rayner

    Lord Rayner

    Lord Rayner is the leader of House Canis, and commands the rebel forces.
  • Merchant Gibbet

    Merchant Gibbet

    Tortured and extorted merchant on the run from Morchus
  • Morchus the Undying

    Morchus the Undying

    The ominous leader of a Crime Ring in Kingstown
  • Robin


    Robin is a pessimistic smuggler used to fighting dirty and close scrapes with death.
  • Sir Alain the Noble

    Sir Alain the Noble

    Sir Alain the Noble is the Leader of House Sanctus, and is a templar
  • Templar


    The Anti-Mage enforcement
  • The Shadow Lord

    The Shadow Lord

    Ruler of The Raven Covenant