The Wildkin: A Comprehensive Guide

General Information

The Wildkin are a collection of people, with mixes of both human and Goliath species within their populace, and seem to be a little less advanced and more ‘savage’ than the men and women of Aconi, using primarily axes, spears, and clubs into battle whilst wearing mostly leather, hide, and some very rough-cut iron armour.

Primarily men are the ones that march into battle for these people, with little to no women marching amongst their ranks, and next to none seen as of yet, suggesting that large villages of women, children, and the missing infrastructure that supports an army hiding somewhere within these mountains. This is possibly where the leader type figure resides.


There are three types of fighters seen a of yet, and these include:

The Berserker – The Berserker smashes through hordes of enemies with their superior strength, as they are all heavily muscled. They also all wear little to no armour and barely any clothes into battle, and have tattoos of runes and writing in a foreign language all over them, and press their fingers to these tattoos to let out bursts of power, with some runes protecting them from harm, blocking sword blows and slices, etc.

The Shaman – The Shaman seems to use a more traditional style of magic, sending bolts of magical energy through the air and distorting the elements, although these mages do not use spells as much as just channel magical energy in a wild manner. These Shamans also have the impressive ability to transform themselves into one of two animals with what is assumed to be lycanthropic abilities, and have a large tattoo of the paw of their corresponding animal somewhere on their body. The animals that have been seen are large hulking werebears and faster, wild werewolves.

The Warrior – These make up the backbone and the rest of the army, consisting of the dozens of men that charge armed with spears, axes, clubs and large wooden shields. These are just the generic soldier types, also including archers.

The Wildkin also seem to fight quite tactically, flanking and then swarming their enemy whilst they are unsuspecting, also using distractions (hunting horns, etc.). This suggests a more intelligent or ‘advanced’ leader that commands the mass of men.

The Wildkin: A Comprehensive Guide

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