Wild Mages


WIld Mages are a formerly humanoid mage who, in a time of stress, experimentation, or even unknowingly opened the veritable floodgates of pure magic, which completely consumes them. These wild mages usually take literal forms of the type of magic that they were proficient in, ie. a mage proficient in creating magic crystals may begin to replace their body parts with fully functional crystal versions, or a pyromancer may replace their hair with a majestic fiery wig.

These Wild Mages are usually more powerful than your average mage, being able to channel force directly from what seems to be another plane of existence. Little is known about them, because of their destructive tendencies, but what we do know is as confusing as it is arcane. It is these wild mages that the Templars of The Ruby Tower are tasked with hunting down and killing, and are the reason that the Templars are so brutal, as too many times these wild mages have destroyed entire pockets of civilisation.

If a Wild Mage is alive long enough in this state to find a safe habitat, they seem to transform their environment completely, changing entire ecosystems to fit to their twisted states of mind.

Wild Mages

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