Bloodwood Trees are a species of tree that are quite common in reclusive groves and sometimes even in lone trees all around Aconi. These are mysterious to most explorers, as they seem to be able to survive in all of the varied climates of Aconi, which leads some to believe that they are magical in origin.
These trees’ namesake are their crimson leaves and blood red, liquid sap which gives the trees the appearance of being bleeding when cut. This fact of course, led the common people to believe that these trees had sentience, and some even worship them, bringing them offerings.


Weeping Old Ones

A Weeping Old One is a Bloodwood tree with a face carved into it, with only the eyes being cut deep enough to release the liquid sap, making it look as if the face is weeping a long dried path of blood. Rumour has it that these trees, which are quite common in forests and hidden groves, are haunted with an ancient spirit who was bound to the place eons ago, but in reality the most likely truth is that they were carved there eons ago, and now are foolishly worshipped by the commoners of the land… Or are they?


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