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Places within Aconi:

Kingstown (Capital of Aconi, Seat of Power for House Solis)
The Crossroads (Seat of Power for House )
Mount Tenebris (Seat of Power for House Ravengard)
The Underhall (Seat of power for House Undermoor)
Riverrun (Seat of power for House Bridgemann)
Castle Skyreach (Castle in the far South of Aconi)

New Races and Sub-Races

New Race – Kiarbyt
New Subrace – Sky Dwarf

Guilds and Organisations

The Azure Council
The Ruby Tower
The Raven Covenant

Lore and Information on The Wildkin (Vikings)

Lore and General Information

The Great Houses of Aconi
Bloodwood Trees
Army Composition and General Warfare Tactics
Soulless Ghouls
Wild Mages

Main Page

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