The Azure Council

The Azure Council is a merchant’s guild that has its main halls in Kingstown, though it has halls in every large city Aconi.

The Azure Council is divided into three sects, Sect of Crafting, which provides everything needed to craft within city. Its main function is smithing, as it provides everything from weapons to horseshoes, to masterwork weapons for the nobles, made by the master blacksmiths for a handsome fee. Next, there is the Sect of Trade, which controls everything that comes in and out of the city, and employs almost all of the merchants that travel around the kingdom, within and without the crossroads. Sect of Produce, this sect employs workers that clear the dense trees of the woods around them, and also controls much of the farming produce coming out of the towns to the south. Any employees of the Azure Council wear azure blue and black chequered tunics, or overalls depending on their trade. The azure council has a banner, which is a sliver hammer and sickle, balanced upon golden scales on a field of deep blue. Every employee has a badge of esteem that is proof of their affiliation with the guild. It is a hammer(craft), sickle(produce), or scales(trade), carved from silver, depending on their trade.

2-3 Accomplished Asset A badge of esteem for the Azure Council recognizable anywhere in the kingdom, 50GP per party member, a +1 weapon from the Sect of Crafting.

4-6 Esteemed Ally A caravan and small guard, trade rights to all south-eastern farming towns.

7-9 Silver Hand of The Coucnil A caravan and small guard, an undeveloped plot of land south-east of Kingstown upon which sits an iron mine extending deep underground. This sits within Bridgemann lands.

10 Azure Blaze 10% of trade income made by the guild (shared around the party) to be stocked up weekly in the players’ guild house, lavish shared house in Kingstown middle-class district, masterwork weapons from the Sect of Crafting for each of the party members, a household guard, 1000GP of treasure per party member, ability to call upon help and large loans.

The Azure Council

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