The Ruby Tower

The Ruby Tower Mages, are a large order of mages that take in all of the kingdoms magically potent citizens, training them to harness their powers for good, and control them. Attendees of the tower eventually choose a school of magic to follow, which dictates what role they will play when they leave the tower. Though the tower is not openly secretive, its many libraries remain closed to many, only opening for the few who gain the Arch-Mages trust. Not all mages follow the path of The Ruby Tower, some turn away and travel the lands as an outcast. Others go mad, their power twisting them in inhumane ways, turning them against everything that moves. Others still learn their craft in a life of solitude. It is for these purposes, when mages have turned their backs on The Ruby Tower, willingly or not, that the Templars come into play. Templars are great warriors trained as an anti-mage force to battle against wild and evil mages. Though Templars exact justice and keep many people safe, they will kill a mage or a human that poses a threat to them or an innocent, or sides with a fugitive mage.

The Ruby Tower was originally named after a large red tower that The Crossroads was built around but has expanded to a number of colleges and schools for the magically inclined, the biggest of which being in Kingstown.

Table, if gaining general renown with the guild:

2-3 Esteemed Asset 25GP, a badge that commands respect in some parts of the kingdom as it signifies that the owner is on Ruby Tower work.

4-6 Valuable Asset Lodgings within the tower (lower levels), access to library (knowledge), 50GP, ability to call upon a handful of guardsman from the tower once.

7-9 Templar/Hand of the Ruby Tower Access to library (magical), ability to call upon a handful of mages in times of need, 300GP.

10 High Templar/ Friend of the Ruby Tower Potent magical item (non-weapon), Audience with an Arch-Mage, ability to call upon powerful mages and Templars in times of need.

Table, if learning within the guild:

1-2 Novice Access to basic schooling from lesser Adepts, shared dormitories, a uniform recognizable anywhere in the kingdom as that of a Novice.

3-5 Acolyte Access to all libraries, more advanced magic schooling from Adepts, double-person rooms, a uniform recognizable anywhere in the kingdom as that of an Acolyte.

6-9 Adept Teaching from an Arch-Mage and elite Adepts, larger quarters for one person, access to artefact storage, a uniform recognizable anywhere in the kingdom as that of an Adept.

10 Arch-Mage Lavish quarters, a uniform that grants respect and authority all around the kingdom, access to all knowledge in the tower, loose command of the all people in the tower among with fellow Arch-Mages.

The Ruby Tower

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